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[FYI] Zuviel ProcessorPower?

[Es wird allerhoechste Zeit, dass der private Besitz von Rechnern 
oberhalb eines 80486 DX 60 MHz staatlich reglementiert wird --AHH]]


------------------------------- CUT ------------------------------

                                 Stealth fighters losing their edge?

                                 THE proliferation of cheap PCs and
                                 processing power is making stealth
                                 fighter aircraft easier to spot. The
                                 US Department of Defence says
                                 governments worried that they might
                                 be visited by stealth fighters are
                                 investing in processing power and
                                 software to spot the planes. The
                                 right algorithm can strip the noise
                                 out of a radar signal to reveal the
                                 tiny signatures generated by the
                                 strike aircraft. [...]

------------------------------- CUT ------------------------------