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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: Hands off the Internet! (a very good column in U

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Subject:       FC: Hands off the Internet! (a very good column in USA Today)
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>Subject: Washington:  Hands Off the Internet!!
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01/20/99- Updated 02:55 PM ET
The Nation's Homepage
Washington: Hands Off the Internet!
By James Freeman

An excerpt:

Let's have a moratorium on new online regulations -- call it the
Internet Freedom Act. For five years, there should be no new rules for
online business. And let's allow the telephone companies to create new
high-speed services without having the FCC decide who can buy them and
at what price.

Don't let the politicians make the Internet "safe" for
consumers by encasing it in a layer of regulatory
goo. First of all, we already have tons of laws to
protect people against fraud, theft, etc. The fact
that a crime is committed online doesn't give
anyone immunity today. And even for those areas
where we may need new law, let it evolve and
grow with the expansion of knowledge.

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