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fyi: N5M Conference, A`dam

Amsterdam & Rotterdam, 12-14 March, 1999

The third Next 5 Minutes, an Amsterdam based conference on tactical
communications culture, featuring do-it-yourself media, dissident art and
electronic media activists from around the world, will take place on the
12th, 13th and 14th of March 1999.

>From its beginning in 1993, the Next 5 Minutes 1, 2 and now 3 has followed
the growth of tactical media.  The term 'tactical media' refers to a
critical usage and theorisation of media practices that draw on all forms
of old and new media for achieving a variety of specific non-commercial
goals and pushing a plethora of potentially subversive political issues.


The Next 5 Minutes 3 is a joint effort of:
- The Society for Old and New Media (http://www.waag.org)- De Balie (http:/ 
- Paradiso (http://www.paradiso.nl)
- V2_ Organisation (http://www.v2.nl)
- The Digital City (http://www.dds.nl)
- and many other organisations

The Next 5 Minutes 3

Production Office
c/o De Balie
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10,
1017 RR Amsterdam, The Netherlands
phone: +31-(0)20-5535188
fax +31-(0)20-5535194
email: n5m3@waag.org

Gerbrand Oudenaarden
cell-phone: +31-(0)6-53151921
email: gerbrand@oudenaarden.nl

Editorial Team: Geert Lovink, Eric Kluitenberg, David Garcia, Andreas
Broeckmann, Patrice Riemens, Marleen Stikker, Caroline Nevejan, Nina
Meilof, Menno Grootveld, Gerbrand Oudenaarden.

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