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Re: [leitner@math.fu-berlin.de: [ISN] Brazilian National Elections (security in voting)]

On Tue, Feb 16, 1999 at 02:44:11AM +0100, wau@ccc.de wrote:

> When a voter arrives at the polling place and presents
> identification, an election official consult a voter information
> database and verify that the person is entitled to vote. The voter
> then uses an electronic voting device that, for each office,
> displays the choices and prompts him for his vote. (If the place
> uses a traditional paper ballot, election officials manually enter
> his vote into the system). 

Mich würde doch mal sehr interessieren, was für ein Voting Device
das da ist.  Sollte es sich um einen vernetzten NT-Computer handeln,
der gleich noch die Tabellen updated, hätte ich arge Bedenken, was
die Wahrung des Wahlgeheimnisses angeht.

> Local computers process the vote, and update a running tally that
> is kept by a handful of Unix-based machines at the national
> election headquarters. When the polls close, the results are
> published via the Internet.

Und noch ein interessanter Punkt.  An der Stelle, wo _wirklich_
Performance gefragt ist und wo ein Angreifer mit den grössten
Schaden anrichten könnte.....

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