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Schroecklich: Chinesische Wohlfahrt.............

Encryption in China is regulated by the baomi guanli weiyuanhui, on which
the MPS and the Ministry of State Security both have representatives.
According to Chinese colleagues of mine, the baomi guanli weiyuanhui has
issued a new set of internal regulations that specify that no encryption
technology may be imported. This is a change from previous rules which said
that imported encryption schemes could be imported contingent on approval
of the baomi guanli weiyuanhui.
	Potentially these new rules could affect encryption schemes on cell
parts that are imported for assembly in China and certainly it will affect
e-commerce.  Indeed, my sources tell me that the new rules are intended to
mark off a protected Chinese space in e-commerce.
	One of the best ways to keep up with _PUBLISHED_ policies is the
security webpage of the State Information Center: