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[FYI] Hamre To Hill: 'We're In A Cyberwar'


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1 March 1999. Thanks to Anonymous. 

Defense Week, March 1, 1999. Pg. 1 

Hamre To Hill: 'We're In A Cyberwar' 

By John Donnelly and Vince Crawley 

Military computer systems are under siege by a "coordinated,
organized" attack from an unknown source, the focus of an "intense"
federal criminal investigation, U.S. officials told House lawmakers in
a classified briefing last week. Details of the cyberassault were
sketchy at press time. But Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pa.), in an interview
with Defense Week, described the situation in broad, unclassified

A year ago, Deputy Secretary of Defense John Hamre said it's not a
matter of if the U.S. suffers an "electronic Pearl Harbor," but when.
Last Tuesday, Hamre spent most of the hour-and-15-minute closed
session before two House Armed Services Committee panels outlining a
single major incident. Weldon quoted Hamre as saying: "'We are at
war-right now. We are in a cyberwar.'" 

"These are organized, very capable efforts that have very specific
goals based upon what we've seen in attacking our systems," Weldon
said in the interview. 


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