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[FYI] DG III gives early warning of work on telematics networks

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999 

 Record Control Number : 12425 
                             Date : 1999-03-10 

Category : Tender

General Information : 

The European Commission, Directorate-General III, has announced
pre-information on a call for tender relating to studies of telematic

Calls for tenders for the following studies will shortly be announced:

- Study on the identification of national policies and initiatives in
the Member States in order to integrate environmental aspects in
industrial policies (to provide input into a strategy document for
further integration of environmental concerns in the Industry
Council); - Study on the impact in Europe of models of normalization
of third countries; - Study on the future financing of standardization
in Europe; - Study on the impact of standardization in economies; -
Study on the necessity of standardization in the domain of services; -
Study on the survey of initiatives and activities existing in the 15
Member States aimed at transferring environmental technologies and
best practices to third countries, namely developing countries; -
Study on the development of indicators that are able to measure the
improvement in the environmental performance of industry and the
progress with integration of environmental aspects in industrial
policy, including the organization of several workshops; - Study on
costs of non-conformity of products imported from third countries (an
analytical description of the situation and the provision of evidence
of abuse per sector of new approach); - Study of available research as
to whether there is evidence of competition distortion resulting from
variations in the enforcement of the New Approach Directives; -
Project involving the development of practical guidelines for the
conclusion of environmental agreements, particularly in the area of
climate change; - Project involving the "Electronic commerce
observatory" to foster a favourable business environment for
electronic commerce; - Technical assistance in the field of the
national market surveillance infrastructures; - Implementation of
MRAs; - Publication of guide to the implementation of technical
Harmonization Directives based on new approach and global approach; -
Technical assistance for supplementary translations following
infringements of Directive 83/189/EEC; - Technical assistance for the
improvement of a follow-up system of notified measures and
information, including the informatics implications; - Technical
assistance for translation of notifications (to pursue the debate on
the balance between national and EU regulation using Directive
83/189/EEC); - Technical assistance for control of non-notifications
(to implement Internal Market surveillance, follow-up and co-ordinate
infringement cases to Community regulation); - Technical assistance
for the creation of an informatics instrument for management of
contracts; - Organization of a platform of actions to improve the
scientific and economic basis of EU legislation, economic analysis; -
Organization of a European user forum on electronic commerce; -
Organization of a workshop on "Future of European information society
standardization"; - Translation of the guide on implementation of
technical harmonization; - Yearly revision of IDA architecture
guidelines (over a period of three years); - ICT-acquisition:
development, three-year operation and management of a dedicated
website, and preparation of promotional brochures and articles; -
Assistance for the establishment of telematics networks; - Analyses
and pilots of content interoperability between telematics networks; -
Seven specific projects for studies and/or other technical assistance
with respect to analysis of new developments, existing strategies, key
issues, facts, figures, pilot actions, business requirements,
competitiveness problems and/or cost-effectiveness issues in the field
of regulatory policy and standardization, electronic commerce,
telematics networks, environment. 

The Commission has underlined that this prior information is
provisional and may be subject to alterations. Award procedures are
expected to begin between February to August 1999. 

Data Source Provider : Tenders Electronic Daily

Document Reference : OJ No. S 48 of 10-03-1999, p. 47.

Subject Index Codes : Information Processing, Information Systems;
Telecommunications; Innovation, Technology Transfer

Contact Person : 

For further information, please contact: 

European Commission 
Directorate-General III 
Jean-Michel Renaux 
rue de la Loi 200 
B-1049 Brussels 
Tel. +32-2-2956091; Fax +32-2-2962893.