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What ICANN doesn't want you to know - a well hidden web site

Neues von Gordon C.:

What ICANN doesn't want you to know as it sets up a world wide taxing and
regulatory agency to feed ISOC and European Commission interests.

Take a look at

www.icb.co.uk  and note the firewall "In Memorium" screen to Jon Postel.
Note the absence of any further links.

Some questions:

Strange web site.  Now point your browser at www.icb.co.uk/dns_gov_1.gif
and poof you are on the other side of the Postel firewall.  Replace the
1.gif with 2.gif and then with 3.gif.  You will see charts drawn up by the
former swiss monopoly carrier SWITCH and displayed on a server run by Paul
Kane the country code administrator for io. And from these charts you will
get a hint of ICANN's master plan.  (These charts are also included as the
attachments to this post.) You will get a hint of what Mike Roberts, and
the rest of the mighty five don't want you to know.  You will see some of
the reasons why the ICANN board can't afford to have its meetings in

Note slide three:  "a possible structure."  Note the oval between the ROOT
and ICANN which says ****Probable Government Oversight****!

Huh?  What's this you might say:  ICANN is supposed to be the Internet
industry's answer to government oversight.  After all ICANN Board Chair
Esther Dyson says in Red Herring that the Internet will do away with
governments.  Well if Esther really believes this, one wonders why she is
Board Chair of an outfit that is trampling the open culture of the Internet
under foot and has just spawned a government advisory committee?

ICANN unveiled its Government Advisory Committee shortly before Singapore.
If governments have nothing to do with ICANN and want no control of ICANN
why did 25 governments send representatives to the ICANN meeting?  Why does
Paul Kane whose website this is turn up as the Internet Computer Bureau at
the EC and Wipo meetings in league with CORE, ISOC, WIPO?  Why is does the
EC have the power to get the ICANN bylaws modified by emailing Joe Sims?
Document this by using  some internet search engines as I did and you will
see that Kane and his CORE and SWITCH friends have been attending all the
EC, and WIPO meetings positioning themselves to feed on the crumbs from the
ICANN table.


I CONTEND THAT ICANN EMERGED  from an ISOC "father" and a Global Internet
Project "mother."  The coming of the mother into estrous in the fall of 97
has even been documented in the press.

On October 28, 1997 Rick Wesson posted a Rueters news story to the IETF
list: "Internet Companies Welcome Idea of Global Charter BRUSSELS (Reuters)
- A group of U.S., European and Japanese companies involved in the Internet
informally welcomed a European Union proposal to draw up a charter to
**govern** the global computer network. The companies, who have united as
the Global Internet Project (GIP), said they wanted to be involved in the
process, Peter F. Harter, global public policy counsel for Netscape
Communications, told Reuters."

"(They) will individually provide input as to how industry may play the
best role," he said following a meeting in Brussels. EU Telecommunications
Commissioner Martin Bangemann has proposed drawing up an international
charter to deal with questions such as technical standards, illegal
content, licenses, encryption and data privacy on the Internet and other
electronic networks."

ICANN patrimony - the mighty five:

Dave Farber:  ISOC trustee, ITAG member, helped find attorney for Jon
Postel, ISOC trustee.  Farber who has critcized the ICANN board meetings
for not being open, who said publicly that he'd wear a grey ribbon in
Singapore on the open board issue and then not only did not wear a grey
ribbon but gave a keynote that basically brushed the open board issue under
the carpet.  Farber sold out.

Larry Landweber:  ex ISOC president and trustee helped vet and recruit
board members for ICANN.

Scott Bradner:  ISOC trustee.  Position used to be IHAC and the MOU is the
best way to KEEP the ITU from capturing the internet..

Vint Cerf:  ISOC President - allied with John Patrick of IBM to use the GIP
to collect money to pay ICANN's bills.

Mike Roberts of Educom a founding member of ISOC and tool by which Roger
Cochetti and the other four of the five could control ICANN serving as
Interim president and agenda setter.

Cochetti, Nelson and Patrick leading the GIP as a shell, (aside from Cerf
at MCI the other GIP members were largely quiescent), to ally with the
regulatory interests of the European Commission in creating an ICANN that
would enable ISOC to survive financially by becoming a global taxing agent
to feed its bureaucracy and pay ISOC bills.

ISOC is Designing an Internet Society Task Force

Since we are informed by ISOC Vienna office staffer Sascha Ignjatovic today
that "Dr.Cerf is getting a process [going] which will help develope [the]
concept and establish an Internet and Society Task Force, we can imagine
that ICANN will find wonderful use for the $1 per domain name tax that it
has announced it will establish."

ICANN progeny:

Esther Dyson and the Board.  If the objective of the fathers were to set up
ISOC with an ensured annuity, it would make sense to recruit someone like
Esther for Board chair.  Farber has been known to tell people not to worry
with Esther in there everything will be all right.  Since he got to know
her by their service on the EFF board, it is easy to imagine how Dave would
present it as a great opportunity to Esther to increase her visibility and
presteige.  Also, if memory serves me correctly, Esther said she was first
approached for board service by none other than Cochetti of IBM.  I have
not read her book but those who have tell me that Esther didn't have a clue
what she was getting into.  With Esther as shill, Roberts would be the tool
of the Five and the GIP for inserting policy into a board that was
carefully chosen to be internet ignorant but to also represent the old line
telco, and trademark interests that ISOC was ready to sell out the internet
to in order to get its own economic future assured.

"Mother" GIP would turn to Jones Day Reavis and Pogue to get the services
of Joe Sims to write the bylaws in such a way that ICANN would be
accountable to none save its corporate masters.  Lending some legal talent
without charge would be a small price to pay for Jones day becoming the
lawyers of the first international body for government oversight of the

Very carefully the old guard choose to keep commercial ISPs away from the
Board.  The trademark interests got their board member from Dun and
Bradstreet.  IBM got an ex vice president on the Board, the academics got a
university president and scientist, and the public interest community got
Esther Dyson as a shill.  The old line European telcos got a seat for their
association board chair.  The old line European computer industry got a
rep.  As did Japan and Australia.  Ogilvie got schnookered to do spin. The
commercial internet industry got a kick in the face and the chickens sowed
by immaculate conception of ICANN are soon gonna come home to roost.  I
hear also that ICANN is going to get sued.

BUT. What some folk seem not to realize is that the government can be sued
for tort (for damages to private interests) as in the interest of ORSC and
Einar Stefferud as ORSC chair.  However, once it gives the award to ICANN,
ICANN is then operating under the policy umbrella of the US government and
will be essentially free from legal liability.

The window of opportunity is rapidly closing.  ICANN is vulnerable but
likely won't be vulnerable much longer.

ISOC is setting up ICANN as a structure to suck millions of dollars of
money from Internet users to enable ISOC to become a self-perpetuating
bureaucracy.  An Internet society task force indeed.  Its not surprising
that NTIA likes the deal brokered by Cochetti in exchange for a world safe
for IBM's electronic commerce and by the mighty five in exchange for money
to fund TIIAP like projects in villages across the globe.
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