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Re: What ICANN doesn't want you to know - a well hidden web site

Und Fortsetzung des Krimis, wenn es einer ist:

Dave Farber:

Point 1. That is a lie Gordon, I did NOT help Jon find an attorney.


I was told by a member of the five that after the rootserver redirection
some of Jon's advisors got together and decided to help him find an
attorney.  Given the context it was clear to me that Dave Farber was among
them.  However if he says he was not, I shall accept that and offer him my

Regarding his point 2 and the grey ribbons.... I was able to double check
with one of my sources who clearly reiterated that he saw no one wearing a
grey ribbon or handing them out.  It is of course possible that he may have
missed the handouts.

My other source will be on the road for the entire weekend.

Does Dave or anyone else care to address any of the other points in my post?
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