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[FYI] CRYPTO-GRAM, March 15, 1999

Wie verschl"usseln eigentlich die Terminals vom BGS?


>From: Bruce Schneier <schneier@counterpane.com>
>Newsgroups: dream.lists.crypto-gram
>Subject: CRYPTO-GRAM, March 15, 1999
>Message-ID: <4.1.19990317050806.00ade7b0@chaparraltree.com>
>Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 05:09:10 -0600


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 The Doghouse -- Motorola's MDC-4800 Police Data Terminal

There's a Windows program that decodes the police car mobile data terminal
transmissions.  If you thought listening in on police radio frequencies was
interesting, you should see what comes over on those data transcripts.

Motorola's "encryption" wasn't designed for privacy, it's more like a
checksum for transmission integrity. Basically, it's XOR.

The software is free, although there is this helpful notice on the Web
site:  "Decoding MDT transmissions may be illegal in some countries, you
may want to check the laws for your country before using this program."


               Martin Schr"oder, MS@Dream.KN-Bremen.DE
life is a strange thing - just when you think you learned how to use
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