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CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999 

 Record Control Number : 12579 
                             Date : 1999-03-26 

Category : Programme implementation

General Information : 

With a clear underlying goal of promoting access to knowledge,
education and training for all European citizens, the PROMETEUS
(PROmoting Multimedia access to Education and Training in the EUropean
Society) initiative has been established. 

The acronym has been chosen by the newly elected Steering Committee
for the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU): Multimedia Access to
Education and Training in Europe under the European Commission's
Telematics Application Programme.

Telematics and multimedia-based tools and knowledge contents are
widely considered as potentially central ingredients to the evolving
new ways and means of learning and training. These aspects are at the
core of important European Union (EU) research programmes and are
being addressed by a number of EU projects on research, technological
development and demonstration (RTD). 

However, research teams alone cannot develop consensus views on the
important underlying societal issues. Therefore, the PROMETEUS
initiative has been established to address the following: 

- Optimal strategies for multicultural, multilingual learning
solutions; - New instructional and training approaches and new
learning environments; - Affordable solutions and platforms based on
open standards and best practices; - Publicly accessible and
interoperable knowledge repositories. 

PROMETEUS's consensus building actions will thus seek to bridge the
gap between research and use of learning technologies, content and

As specified in the founding MoU: Multimedia Access to Education and
Training in Europe, PROMETEUS results are expected as guidelines and
best practice handbooks - as well as recommendations which will be
submitted, as necessary, to education and training authorities and to
EU and international standards bodies. 

Data Source Provider : European Commission, DG XIII

Document Reference : Based on a news report from European Commission's
Telematics Application's Nectar Information Update.

Programme Acronym : FRAMEWORK 4C; TELEMATICS 2C

Subject Index Codes : Information, Media

Contact Person : 

For further information, please visit the PROMETEUS website at: 

URL: http://www.prometeus.org 

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