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[FYI] Commission plans TV show about the Information Society

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999 

 Record Control Number : 12568 
                             Date : 1999-03-25 

Category : Miscellaneous

General Information : 

To make the people of the European Union more aware of the importance
of the Information Society, the European Commission,
Directorate-General XIII, has decided to support the "IS TV Show",
which will be broadcast simultaneously all over Europe and reach an
audience of over 300 million. 

The event will take place next autumn during the Information Society
Day 99. The IS TV Show will seek to illustrate how new information
technologies and applications positively influence everyday life and
benefit both citizens and businesses. 

The project has been initiated and is financially supported by the
Commission as part of its ongoing efforts to create a User-friendly
Information Society. Furthermore, this pan-European TV show is
conceived as the culmination of a two-year awareness-raising campaign
led by the DG XIII, mainly through its Information Society Promotion
Office (ISPO). 

This campaign comprises a series of interlocking actions to prove
that, beyond the technical and specialised aspects of the transition
towards the Information Society, new technologies also open up new
opportunities for people in their work, their social life and their
leisure time. 

Data Source Provider : European Commission, DG XIII

Document Reference : Based on an announcement from DG XIII

Programme Acronym : ISPO

Subject Index Codes : Telecommunications; Information, Media

Contact Person : 

For further information, please contact: 

Josť Pato 
European Commission 
DG XIII - Information Society Promotion Office 
Tel. +32-2-2968293; Fax +32-2-2994170 
E-mail: josť.pato@bxl.dg13.cec.be 


Gerlinde Niehus 
European Commission 
DG XIII - Information and Communication Unit 
Tel. +32-2-2969022; Fax +32-2-2969037 
E-mail: gerlinde.niehus@bxl.dg13.cec.be