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... ich hab's doch gleich gesagt...

  11:00 PST 01 APR 1999
  (April Fools!) There is no mysterious corporation throwing its weight
around. There were no registered letters. There were no threats.
  We control the horizontal and the vertical and we gave your collective
leg a slight pull. Yup, we bad. :) 

  We did learn some interesting things during this whole farce. I got some
very concerned letters from Microsoft employees, some of
  them quite senior in the ranks, who said they'd land really hard on any
'brain-dead idiot' that pulled something as stupid as legal
  action against User Friendly or the other sites. See, MS employees can
be nice and smart too. They even fall in the top 20 companies
  who frequent UF on a daily basis. 

  Another, much more salient thing was discovered: the voice of the UFie
community (and the Segfault community, and the BeDope
  community, and the Slashdot community, all of which overlap heavily) is
a mighty and powerful thing. I'm glad I'm not on the bad end
  of the stick you guys were waving. 

  My thanks to my partners in crime, who came up with, developed and
executed this terrible joke: Mike at BeDope, Scott at Segfault,
  Rob at Slashdot, and the local gangsters Arcterex and Iambe. Take a bow,
people. You guys did great. 

  Now here's hoping you all will forgive us for this laugh at your
expense. Until next year. ;) 

  One last thing: my thanks to the all of the UFies for being such good
sports. I know the joke hit some of you particularly hard (as
  indicated by some of the e-mail that has crossed my screen) but
ultimately the chain yanking we did was to prove that UFies can
  laugh at themselves as well as at certain unnamed companies. ;) As the
Norwegians say, "Takk!" 

*lach* - aber sie haben richtig viele Leute richtig gut reingelegt!

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