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More on the MIDI crackdown

A while back, there was a discussion on this list about music and lyrics
being available on the internet.  Here is a site that I ran into today:

Interesting reading, to say the least.

And, this site also touches on another subject about which I was inquiring a
while back -- limitations of speech but courts, or threats of court action.
Here's a quote: "The site is also being monitored for the potential
appearance of warnings by the Defendant to the general public or other
website operators regarding evidence in our suit. If such statements should
be posted by the Defendant, we intend to file additional complaints of
Conspiracy and RICO violations."

As before, I don't have the answers to this whole mess.  I certainly think
that big corporations are clueless in this area, and are just reacting based
on more traditional situations.  It makes for interesting reading, and
certainly raises a few issues.