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[FYI] Internet television set-top boxes are flop in the Netherla

[Nicht mehr ganz taufrisch, aber als Faktum nicht uninteressant. 


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                    Internet television set-top boxes are flop in the

                    No Dutch market for set-top boxes for the Net 

                    Last August KPN and ISP Worldonline introduced
                    Internet set-top boxes in the Netherlands. KPN
                    used boxes from the French company NetGem and sold
                    them in their Primafoon shops for NFL 700 (NFL 100
                    for the wireless keyboard) and dubbed them

                    No sales figures have been published and the
                    manager responsible for them has refused to talk
                    about the product. ISP World Online does not sell
                    or market the product either. It is widely assumed
                    that very few sets have been sold.


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