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[Fwd: Extreme Artist Convicted]

Naja, die Mischung machts und das macht auch die Qualitaet einer
Mailliste aus, wie sie das aushaelt..........soviel zu Andys Vorschlag.
Was fuer den CCC gut ist, muss ja hier nicht unbedingt gut sein.
Vielleicht wird ja auf "Members" "ernsthafter" diskutiert,
ergebnisorientierter, anyway, was ich gerade von John Young fand:

Carl Johnson, a musician ("the King of Country Porn") and
wonderfully extreme conceptual-textual-performance artist,
was convicted in US District Court of Western Washington
last week for political-theatrical art of the wildly disrespectful
of authority sort that got Dario Fo the Nobel.

Carl rejected a plea offer on the grounds that he was innocent
of threatening to murder federal officials according to a scheme
called "Assassination Politics."

Carl's First Amendment defense was rejected by the trial judge,
who warned Johnson of the danger of art, "my colleague was
blown up at his desk."

He faces up to seven years imprisonment.

The story of his arrest, incarceration and trial is on the Web


Moreover, a federal grand jury in Tacoma, WA is currently
holding hearings on obstruction of justice in Carl's case,
to look into the actions of supporters who questioned the
validity of government charges and allegations and ridiculed
the humorlessness of investigators, prosecutors and judges
for misreading Carl's, actually, multiple Carl-imposters (a la
Monty Cantins and Luther Bissetts), rude satires of
self-important authorities of every ilk.

The essay "Assassination Politics" is available at:


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