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[FYI] Eurobarometer shows citizens' awareness of infosociety

                    CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999. 

                    Record Control Number: 12875

                    Date: 1999-04-30

                    Category: Result

                    General Information:

                    The latest result of the European Commission's
                    measurement of public opinion towards major
                    Information Society (IS) applications, has just
                    been published on the "EuroBarometer's" website.
                    The barometer records data on a number of topics
                    including reasons for citizens' lack of interest
                    in the Information Society, as well as why people
                    buy certain kinds of technologies. 

                    Since 1997, the Information Society Activity
                    Centre of the European Commission has been
                    responding to a high demand for quantitative data
                    on the development and use of Information and
                    Communication Technologies (ICT) in Europe. The
                    results of the Centre's work are presented in a
                    comprehensive survey entitled "Measuring
                    Information Society". 

                    This document also presents an annual survey on
                    the use and awareness of Information Society
                    Technologies and services. 

                    "Measuring Information Society" for 1998 is now
                    available from the following website: 

                    URL: http://www.ispo.cec.be/polls/ 

                    Data Source Provider: European Commission, DG XIII

                    Document Reference: Based on the Commission's
                    instrument, Eurobarometer, for measuring public

                    Programme Acronym: FRAMEWORK 4C; TELEMATICS 2C;
                    ACTS; ESPRIT 4

                    Subject Index Codes: Telecommunications;

                    Contact Person:

                    For further information, please access the above