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[FYI] Spying on the Spies


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                     Spying on the Spies
                     by Niall McKay 

                     12:15 p.m.  10.May.99.PDT
                     The National Security Agency has its ear to the
                     world, but doesn't listen to everyone at once. 

                     That was one conclusion of a new report,
                     Interception Capabilities 2000, accepted late
                     last week by the European Parliament's Science
                     and Technology Options Assessment Panel (STOA). 

                     The panel commissioned Duncan Campbell, a
                     British investigative reporter, to prepare a
                     report on Echelon, the US-led satellite
                     surveillance network. 

                     "I have no objection to these systems
                     monitoring serious criminals and terrorists,"
                     said Glyn Ford, a British Labour Party member of
                     parliament and a committee member of STOA. "But
                     what is missing here is accountability, clear
                     guidelines as to who they can listen to, and in
                     what circumstances these laws apply." 

                     Campbell was asked to investigate the system in
                     the wake of charges made last year in the
                     European Parliament that Echelon was being used
                     to funnel European government and industry
                     secrets into US hands. 


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