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T:9905: 2. Berlin Internet Economics Workshop

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1. 2nd Berlin Internet Economics Workshop - Final Reminder


                  2nd Berlin Internet Economics Workshop
                   May 28 - 29, 1999 in Berlin, Germany
                  = P L E A S E    D I S T R I B U T E =

The Berlin Workshop on Internet Economics provides a forum forresearchers
and pracitioners who are interested in and working on economic aspectsof
the Internet. The first workshop took place in October 1997 withworld-wide
particiption by people working on Internet-related topics in industry,
universities and government institutions. A selection of workshop papers
have been published in the first issue of Netnomics.

Registration is now possible. Please note that there is a reduced
registration fee until May 15, 1999. To register, please go to the
workshop's web page at

Below you will find the preliminary program in its current state.

This workshop is sponsored by Deutsche Telekom (http://www.telekom.de)