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[FYI] (Fwd) Report on Clairview Internet Sheriff

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Date:          Wed, 12 May 1999 01:03:21 +1000
From:          rene@pobox.com (Irene Graham)
Subject:       Report on Clairview Internet Sheriff 
To:            gilc-plan@gilc.org
Reply-to:      gilc-plan@gilc.org

A report issued today by EFA:

Some Australian Senators appear to believe it's suitable for mandatory
use by ISPs to prevent adults' access to Net content.

I gather Clairview is about to start marketing Internet Sheriff
world-wide. It's not an end-user product. As far as I can understand,
ISPs buy a feed from Clairview. The technology apparently scans the
data stream real time and uses a "guessing engine" to decide whether
the content is pornographic.

Some interesting results, none surprising.