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[FYI] Stimulating the Information Society in Europe

                    CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999. 

                    Record Control Number: 12940

                    Date: 1999-05-11

                    Category: Tender

                    General Information:

                    The European Commission has published a call for
                    applications for grants under the Promise
                    programme, which aims to stimulate the
                    establishment of the Information Society in
                    Europe. Applications for grants may be submitted
                    in two categories. 

                    The first of these categories focuses on raising
                    awareness and understanding of the potential
                    impact of the Information Society. Actions could
                    include workshops, seminars, preparation of
                    promotional material, and demonstration and
                    documentation actions in line with the awareness
                    raising objectives of the Promise programme
                    (outlined in Article 2(a) of the Council Decision
                    adopting the Promise programme). The actions to be
                    supported should have clear good returns in terms
                    of their direct impact on raising awareness of the
                    Information Society. They should preferably target
                    new audiences and have appropriate media coverage,
                    or reveal new potentials of the Information
                    Society. The Commission has allocated 300,000 euro
                    for activities in this category. 

                    The second category concentrates on optimising the
                    socio-economic benefits of the Information Society
                    in Europe. These actions should fit into the main
                    objectives of the Promise programme and the
                    specific aims of the actions mentioned in Article
                    2(b) of the Council Decision. Initiatives
                    supported should have clear and convincing
                    objectives to unlock potentials for European added
                    value, in particular by promoting coherence and
                    transparency of the Information Society policies
                    and activities, and the adoption of best
                    practices. The Commission has allocated 400,000
                    euro for activities in this category. 

                    Applications for grants may be submitted by: 

                    - Public entities; 
                    - Non-profit organisations (private entities); -
                    Commercial organisations, but only for projects
                    with immediate non-commercial objectives and
                    strictly non-profit making. 

                    The Commission expects to fund a maximum of 15
                    grants under this call, and individual grants will
                    not be more than 100,000 euro. 

                    Grants will not be allocated to: 

                    - Actions already initiated or under way when
                    applications are submitted; - Actions already
                    covered by other Community initiatives; - Actions
                    which are merely implementing a national measure. 

                    The Commission will assess applications at least
                    every three months, and will concentrate on the
                    following evaluation criteria: 

                    - Quality; 
                    - Significant European dimension and Community
                    added value; - Compliance with the overall and
                    specific objectives of the Promise programme; -
                    Evidence of financial viability and
                    cost-effectiveness, on the basis of a detailed,
                    balanced and realistic budget to be presented in
                    accordance with the standard model contained in
                    the information package. The grant cannot be the
                    only source of income for an action 


                    The deadline for applications is 30 September

                    Data Source Provider: Official Journal of the
                    European Communities

                    Document Reference: OJ No C 129 of 8.5.1999, p.

                    Programme Acronym: PROMISE

                    Subject Index Codes: Telecommunications;
                    Innovation, Technology Transfer

                    Contact Person:

                    The information packs and applications for grants
                    may be requested from: 

                    European Commission 
                    Directorate-General XIII 
                    Information Society: Telecommunications, Markets,
                    Technologies - Innovation and Valorisation of
                    Research ISPO Information Desk Rue de la Loi 200
                    (BU-24 0/74) B-1049 Brussels Tel. +32-2-2968800;
                    Fax +32-2-2994180 E-mail: ispo@ispo.cec.be