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[FYI] First pan-European TV show on the Information Society


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1.2. EU - First pan-European TV show on the Information Society

                           Information Society Day 99 will be
                           celebrated next autumn with a big TV show
                           to be transmitted to a potential audience
                           of more than 300 million Europeans. This
                           event will provide an informative, useful
                           and entertaining show which will seek to
                           illustrate how new information technologies
                           and applications have a positive influence
                           on everyday life, and benefit both citizens
                           and businesses. It is the culmination of a
                           two-year awareness-raising campaign led by
                           the European Commission's Directorate
                           General XIII, responsible for the
                           Information Society. Composed of a series
                           of interlocking activities, this campaign
                           aims to prove that new communication
                           technologies can open up new opportunities
                           for people, in their work, social life and
                           leisure time. 

                           Press release available on the ISPO web
                           site at

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