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[FYI] [FYI] UK - Pre-trial High Court ruling ecognises ISP liabi


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5. Content of Internet and audio-visual and information services 

                           5.1. UK - Pre-trial High Court ruling
                           recognises ISP liability for third party

                           On 26 March 1999, a pre-trial court ruling
                           by Mr Justice Morland in London's High
                           Court held a leading UK Internet Service
                           Provider liable for a defamatory
                           third-party opinion expressed in a
                           discussion forum hosted by its servers. The
                           ISP announced it will appeal against this
                           ruling, claiming that the posting was made
                           by an unknown individual in the US
                           participating in a discussion group and not
                           by one of its customers. The ruling, if not
                           reversed on appeal, might have a widespread
                           impact on the whole on-line industry. In
                           fact, it could lead to Internet Service
                           Providers being charged with responsibility
                           for monitoring millions of personal
                           opinions carried over their servers. This
                           decision highlights the contentious area of
                           liability for publication and opens up the
                           debate on free speech and censorship of

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