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[FYI] ommerce Department urges FCC to require schools to adopt f


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5.2. USA - Commerce Department urges FCC to require schools to adopt
child - protective Internet
                           access policy 

                           In an April 1999 letter, the Commerce
                           Department urged the Federal Communications
                           Commission to impose on state schools
                           policies for acceptable use by children of
                           online resources including the Internet.
                           State schools and libraries applying for
                           federal funds and discounted E-rate
                           connections to the Internet should certify
                           that they have instituted policies to
                           safeguard minors from exposure to
                           inappropriate content. Although no
                           particular types of filtering or blocking
                           techniques are recommended, parents should
                           be provided by public institutions with
                           reasonable assurances that schools have
                           implemented adequate protective measures
                           and access policies. The FCC is required to
                           help the schools promote this policy by
                           directing federal funds to elementary and
                           secondary schools and public libraries,
                           providing critical protection for children
                           using online resources. 

                           Press release available at

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