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[FYI] CEC reports on electronic publishing workshops

                    CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999. 

                    Record Control Number: 12956

                    Date: 1999-05-17

                    Category: Publication

                    General Information:

                    The European Commission has published a report on
                    expert workshops in the field of interactive
                    electronic publishing held in 1998 by DG XIII. The
                    report includes recommendations made in these

                    During the first half of 1998 experts in various
                    domains participated in a number of workshops
                    designed to identify key issues in the field of
                    electronic publishing facing the research and
                    technological development community in the coming
                    five years. 

                    The workshops specifically addressed the following
                    three areas: 

                    - Accessing and exploiting digital content; 
                    - Future R&D in interactive electronic publishing;
                    - Recommendations for broadcasting topics in the
                    Fifth Framework Programme. 

                    Data Source Provider: European Commission, DG XIII

                    Document Reference: Interactive Electronic
                    Publishing - 1998 Workshops: ISBN 92-828-4390-4.

                    Subject Index Codes: Telecommunications;
                    Innovation, Technology Transfer; Information,

                    Contact Person:

                    For further information, please contact: 

                    Office for Official Publications of the European
                    Communities L-2985 Luxembourg