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Re: [FYI] Secrets of Web Hosting

On Sun, May 09, 1999 at 10:29:21AM +0100, Axel H. Horns wrote:
> http://jya.com/sitesec.htm
> -------------------------------- CUT --------------------------------
> 8 May 1999 
> This site's host, AOL PrimeHost, has initiated a new snooping feature
> which we didn't ask for, wasn't consulted on and find obnoxiously
> privacy-invasive: our access log now automatically shows what URL was
> visited just prior to accessing a file here. In the case of those

> There are about 3200 files on jya.com -- texts and related graphics --
> Alert: There are files listed in the directory we didn't put here and
> don't know who did. They come and go. Today we discovered a huge
> (12MB) foreign file which appears to be a core dump by AOL, our ISP,
> that contains private information about this site and other sites of
> AOL customers (we've tried to delete it but cannot). We're dismayed by

_Das_ ist doch ein ziemlich herbes Bitleck bei der Bertelsmleute.

Angesichts der unsinkbar titanischen Schieffs(auf)lage vom Stern
waere diese Story doch was fuer den Spiegel oder fuer Telepolis.

Die Stellungnahme einer juristischen befugten Bertelsfrau zu solchen
Bitwellengaengen koennte durchaus zu Kollateralschadensnotstaenden
fuehren (Entschuldigungen neigen manchmal dazu, Klassiker zu werden).

Ich hab zZ zuviel um die Ohren aber das waere doch nett; fuer
weitere Anregungen stehe ich jedoch gern zur Verfuegung.