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German police develop Internet crime-buster

Ist das etwas neues oder schon ein alter Hut?

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> German police develop Internet crime-buster
> BONN, Germany (Reuters) - German police are developing
> an Internet search engine that will home in on illegal
> activity on the Web, including pedophile networks and
> neo-Nazi propaganda, and lead detectives to those who
> publish or even view such sites, an official said Monday.
> "It should make it easier for police to pinpoint criminal
> content on the Internet, secure evidence and identify the
> senders," Deputy Interior Minister Claus Henning Schapper
> told a conference on Internet security in Bonn. "We want
> to contain the spread of, for example, politically extreme
> matter or, highly important, child pornography over the
> Internet." He gave no further details on the device nor
> did he say when it might come into operation.
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