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[FYI] EP Wasenaar Question


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(1999/C142/184) WRITTEN QUESTION P-3502/98 by Esko Seppänen (GUE/NGL)
to the Commission (12 November 1998) Subject: The Wassenaar Committee
Within the framework of the EU there is a body known as the Wassenaar
committee, whose work is alleged to include studying the encryption of
data communications and coding systems. Its secretariat is in Vienna.
What duties does this Committee have, what is its status within the EU
and in what form are the encryption plans it has presumably put
forward dealt with by the EU? Answer given by Mr van den Broek on
behalf of the Commission (3December 1998) The Wassenaar arrangement is
the successor to the Coordination committee for export to communist
area (COCOM) regime. Definitively implemented with the adoption of
`initial elements' in July 1996 by 33 founding members including the
United States, Russia and all Union Member States, it deals with
export controls and information-exchange related to dual-use items and
conventional arms. The Community as such is not party to the
arrangement. The items covered by the Wassenaar arrangement include
encryption products. As the entire Wassenaar dual-use list is
integrated into the Union list of controlled dual-use products
(Council Decision 942/ 94CFSP of 19 December 1994 on the joint action
adopted by the Council of the basis of Article J.3 of the Treaty on
European Union concerning the control of exports of dual-use goods (
1) as subsequently amended) encrypted products covered by the
Wassenaar list are subject to control when exported from the
Community. Any changes to control scope in Wassenaar (for instance
decontrol of certainitems) lead to corresponding changes in the Union
list. The arrangement has a permanent secretariat based in Vienna.
Information about the work of the arrangement can be found on the
Website www. wassenaar.org. ( 1) OJ L 367, 31.12.1994. C 142/140 EN
21.5.1999 Official Journal of the European Communities 

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