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[FYI] Dan Geer: "Privacy in the Real World "


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23 May 1999. Thanks to Dan Geer senior strategist, CertCo. 

[Remarks at the Smart Card Forum Symposium, "Enabling Privacy in a
Virtual World"] 

Privacy in the Real World 

Smart Card Forum 

Washington, D.C. 

20 May 99 

Dan Geer 

Thank you for that introduction. 

It is timely that we speak of privacy in the real world. 

Privacy is the boundary condition between rights and privileges, a
boundary evidently in dispute everywhere and forever. 

If privacy is "The right to be left alone -- the most comprehensive of
rights, and the right most valued by civilized men" [Brandeis] then
its sanctity serves as a barometer on our civilization. 

Because privacy is definitionally "the state of being free from
unsanctioned intrusion" [AHD] it begs the question of by whose
sanction intrusions may occur, if not merely by force. 


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