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[FYI] Information Society standardisation

                    CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999. 

                    Record Control Number: 13006

                    Date: 1999-05-26

                    Category: Event

                    General Information:

                    An information day on the call for proposals under
                    the Information Society Initiative in
                    Standardisation (ISIS), will be organised by the
                    European Commission, DG III, in Brussels on 11
                    June 1999. 

                    The event aims to provide a forum for
                    clarification of the work programme and the
                    identification of possible partners for the
                    1999-2000 call for proposals in the area of
                    standardisation projects for the Information

                    The ISIS call was published in the Official
                    Journal of the European Communities on 22 May 1999
                    (OJ No C 144 of 22.5.1999, p. 12). 

                    Data Source Provider: European Commission, DG III

                    Document Reference: Based on information on the
                    ISPO website.

                    Programme Acronym: ISPO

                    Subject Index Codes: Information, Media;
                    Telecommunications; Innovation, Technology

                    Contact Person:

                    For further information, please contact: 

                    ISIS Secretariat 
                    European Commission 
                    Nina Poumpalova 
                    DG III/B.3 
                    200 rue de la Loi 
                    B-1049 Brussels 
                    Fax +32-2-2967019 
                    E-mail: isis@dg3.cec.be 
                    URL: http://www.ispo.cec.be/isis/