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[FYI] Call for standardisation projects

                    CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999. 

                    Record Control Number: 13007

                    Date: 1999-05-26

                    Category: Tender

                    General Information:

                    As part of the implementation of standardisation
                    policy and measures in the field of information
                    and communications technologies, the European
                    Commission, DG III, has published a call for
                    proposals for standardisation projects for the
                    Information Society. This call forms a part of the
                    Information Society Initiative in Standardisation

                    Eligible organisations are invited to submit
                    proposals for: 

                    - Application, validation and demonstration
                    projects; - Development of guidance material. 

                    Proposals should normally be made by a consortium
                    involving at least two partners from different
                    Member States. Exceptionally, proposals from a
                    single organisation may be considered where
                    European added value can be demonstrated beyond

                    Specific objectives of the work to be undertaken,
                    themes to be covered and implementation details
                    are set out in the work programme, which is at the
                    basis of this call for proposals. The themes of
                    work identified in the work programme are the

                    - Validation and demonstration of standards and
                    specifications; - Enhancing market transparency
                    for users and consumers, including SMEs; -
                    Promoting industry and business networks; -
                    Supporting trust and confidence for businesses,
                    users and consumers. 


                    The call is open until 14 January 2000 and allows
                    for continuous submission. The proposals will be
                    evaluated in two lots: 

                    - First lot: proposals received by 9 July 1999; -
                    Second lot: proposals received by 14 January 2000.

                    Data Source Provider: Official Journal of the
                    European Communities

                    Document Reference: OJ No C 144 of 22.5.1999, p.

                    Programme Acronym: ISIS

                    Subject Index Codes: Telecommunications;
                    Innovation, Technology Transfer; Information,

                    Contact Person:

                    All correspondence regarding the subject of this
                    call should be sent to the following address: 

                    European Commission 
                    DG III - Industry 
                    Unit B.3 - Industrial aspects of electronic
                    commerce ISIS Secretariat 200 rue de la Loi (SC-15
                    1/161) B-1049 Brussels Fax +32-2-2969500 E-mail:

                    Details regarding this call can be found at the
                    following website: 

                    URL: http://www.ispo.cec.be/isis