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[FYI] Department A8: "Controlable User Access on Multimedia Data

                 Department A8 
                 Security Technology for Graphics and Communication

                 The Security Technology for Graphics and
                 Communication Systems department is concerned with
                 the design and implementation of security services
                 (confidentiality, integrity, digital signatures,
                 etc.) and their integration into information and
                 communication systems. 


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Controlable User Access on Multimedia Data in the
World Wide Web

D. Storck and E. Koch


This paper describes a possible way of controlling access to image
data via the World Wide Web. It describes how images are encrypted
using a novel technique and delivered from a server. When exchanging
data, a protocol ensures that requests are always tied to a registered
user and that all critical data are transferred in encrypted form.
User actions are permitted and logged by the server. Activities such
as storing and printing are possible only after obtaining permission
from the server. If illicit copies are obtained somehow despite this,
an additional watermarking system permits identification of the
distributor of the illicit copy. The system was implemented as a
Netscape plug--in. 


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