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[FYI: peter.jeremy@AUSS2.ALCATEL.COM.AU: BUGTRAQ may be banned in Australia]

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Subject:      BUGTRAQ may be banned in Australia

This message is intended as a call-to-arms for BUGTRAQ subscribers as
well as a warning to subscribers in other countries.

Yesterday, the Australian Senate (Upper House of the Federal Government)
passed legislation to censor the Internet (I don't have a URL for the
final legislation at present).  This legislation mandates the censorship
of Internet content (which includes mailing lists) as if it was a film.
All Australian ISPs are required filter overseas content that would be
rated X or RC under the Australian classification guidelines (see

The RC (Refused Classification) category states:

"The Classification Code sets out the criteria for refusing to classify
 a film or video. The criteria fall into three categories. These include
 films that: ...  promote, incite or instruct in matters of crime or

and later

"Films and videos will be refused classification: or if they contain:
 ...  detailed instruction in: matters of crime or violence,"

BUGTRAQ is a full-disclosure list and regularly contains detailed
descriptions of how to break into computers.  Breaking into computers is
a crime in Australia.  It is therefore possible that BUGTRAQ could be
classified "RC" and hence banned in Australian.

Refer to http://www.efa.org.au/ for further information.

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