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Re: [FYI] UK Cabinet Office Task Force on Encryption and Law Enforce

Caspar Bowden nimmt an unserem GILC-Europe Experiment 
teil, so daß zu hoffen ist, daß generell bei dieser 
Neuorientierung der Abhörpraxis unabhängige Vereine 
einbezogen werden. Das ist genau die Forderung von FITUG 
aus der Echelon-Presseerklärung... Das Feld wird 
zunehmend europäisch, die NGO's auch.. :-)



* Axel H. Horns (Horns@t-online.de) [990527 11:55]:
> http://jya.com/uk-crypto-le.htm
> Caspar Bowden, director of the Foundation for Information Policy
> Research (www.fipr.org) agreed with the report's conclusion that "key
> Bowden said "it is a very thorough analysis, which clearly
> demonstrates why public-key cryptography requires a new approach to
> interception and law enforcement. The joint Government and Industry
> forum should be balanced by independent civil liberties
> representatives, to consider how new Internet policing methods may
> require new forms of oversight and safeguards. For example, putting
> the onus on a person to prove that they DO NOT possess a decryption
> key could lead to miscarriages of justice."