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[FYI] UK providers liable for content


             Wednesday, June 9, 1999 Published at 16:25 GMT 17:25 UK 


             Demon drops libel appeal 

             Demon Internet is embroiled in an Internet defamation case 

             By Internet Correspondent Chris Nuttall 

             Demon Internet has quietly dropped an intended appeal
             against an Internet libel ruling that it said could affect
             "the entire ethos of freedom of speech on the Internet." 

             The Internet Service Provider (ISP) had until Monday
             evening to give notice of its appeal against the decision
             by Mr Justice Morland in the High Court in London on
             March 26. But the deadline passed without any action
             on its part. 

             "We are not going to appeal because there is new
             legislation being drafted and we have an opportunity to
             get the law right through that, " said Phil Male, Demon's
             Technical Director, talking to BBC News Online. 

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