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Urheberrecht: Bezahlte Open Source Programmierer

Although open source and free-software hackers frequently are not 
compensated for their work, SourceXchange will be all about facilitating 
pay for projects.
Etwas aehnliches braeuchte man auch in Deutschland. Haette Lust, sowas im 
Kleinen - vielleicht im Rahmen von Fitug - zu machen, wenn es Andere gibt, 
die mitmachen wollen. Ist aber ziemlich viel Arbeit, und eine langfristige 

"...The problem for companies like Hewlett-Packard, Behlendorf said, is 
establishing contact with the best open source programmers, and then 
figuring out how to work with them.
SourceXchange will act as a go-between, providing a forum for the initial 
contact, helping to negotiate fees, deadlines, and licenses, then cutting 
the check when the work is done. Behlendorf also hopes the company will 
provide a mechanism for peer review, helping to nurture developers and 
arbitrate disputes."