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Urheberrecht: Balance zwischen Informationsfreiheit und Kontrolle

Ein neues Lizensierungsmodell, das nach der richtigen Balance zwischen 
Offenheit und Kontrolle des Schoepfers ueber sein Werk sucht:


"...A new public license -- the Open Publication License -- promises to 
bring the power of the open-source software movement to video, audio, and 
text while still preserving authors' rights to profit from the calluses of 
their creative hands.
"It's all about being able to access information for free," said David 
Wiley, founder of Opencontent.org, where the latest draft of the license 
will be made available for public comment later this week.
The Open Publication License, or OPL, allows creators in any medium to 
release their work into the public domain for reproduction and 
modification, while providing the means to preserve their rights to the 
printed, commercial versions of their work."