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[FYI] Global Business Dialogue

                    CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999. 

                    Record Control Number: 13208

                    Date: 1999-06-29

                    Category: Event

                    General Information:

                    Leaders of the Internet industry from around the
                    world will be meeting with government
                    representatives and international organisations at
                    the 1999 GBDe CEOs Conference being held in Paris
                    on 13 September 1999. 

                    The results of an ongoing consultation process
                    with hundreds of companies and trade associations
                    will be presented at the invitation-only

                    The event aims to bring together the conflicting
                    policies and patchwork regulations of Internet
                    users around the globe, so the potential of the
                    on-line economy can be fully realised. 

                    This is the primary objective of the GBDe, which
                    was officially launched on 14 January 1999 at a
                    meeting of key CEOs in the Internet industry. 

                    The CEOs of the Business Steering Committee said:
                    'Achieving such a framework will require
                    commitment and cooperation on all our parts, and
                    on the parts of governments and intergovernmental
                    organisations with whom we actively consult.
                    Nevertheless, because of the skills, commitment
                    and leadership represented among these companies,
                    we are convinced that we can work together to
                    realise the full potential of e-commerce to
                    increase prosperity, create jobs and change
                    people's lives.' 

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                    GBDe conference website.

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                    For further information please see the GBDe CEO
                    Conference 1999 website, at: