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Title: Recording industry sings new Net tune
Resource Type: News Article                    
Date: July 21, 1999, 11:20 a.m. PT    
Source: CNET News.com                   
Author:  Jim Hu

Q&A NEW YORK--For the record industry, it's no longer about
fighting the way the Internet is changing the landscape--now it's
about embracing it, according to an executive from the trade group
that represents the major U.S. record companies. 

Attendees at Jupiter Communications' Plug.In conference here didn't
get the heated debate they were expecting during the MP3 panel
discussion yesterday. Instead, recording industry representatives said
the industry needs to work with the technology industry to tap a
potentially huge market to distribute music over the Internet. And
they said MP3, the popular audio compression format for
downloading music files on the Web, is no longer a threat to the
traditional record industry. 

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