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Markle Foundation


I think subscribers to ISPO, LINK, UA-C and APPLE will find the new Policy 
for a Networked Society program of the Markle Foundation to be of interest  

"The program is creating a body of research and a global policy network of 
leaders from the academy, industry, nonprofit community and government 
to develop principles of regulation on critical policy issues and to represent 
the public interest as policies are developed and debated. The protection of 
democratic values, individual liberties, universal access and consumer 
interests are priorities of the program's activities." 

Below is today's press release from the Markle Foundation which contains 
a number of important announcements.

Steven Clift 
Consultant to the Markle Foundation for Web White & Blue

[Forwarded by Steven Clift  <http://publicus.net>, 
consultant to the Markle Foundation for Web White & 
Blue.   General audiences are encouraged to visit the  
Markle web site <http://www.markle.org> for  program 
information and for extensive details I  encourage you 
to read the full 11 page letter from the foundation 
president <http://www.markle.org/letter/presidentsletter.pdf>.]  
Please contact the foundation directly with  questions 
or comments.]  

Julia Moffett                                                          
The Markle Foundation                                                  
212-489-6655 x 337                                                     
E-mail: info@markle.org 
Web site: http://www.markle.org 

Stuart Fischer 
Robinson Lerer & Montgomery