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[FYI] DECT on ISDN in the EU

                    CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999. 

                    Record Control Number: 13351

                    Date: 1999-07-27

                    Category: Legislation

                    General Information:

                    A common technical regulation for digital enhanced
                    cordless telecommunications (DCET) equipment
                    accessing the integrated services digital network
                    (ISDN) has been adopted by the European

                    This decision will apply to terminal equipment
                    connected to a public telecommunications network
                    and includes the harmonised standard for DCET,
                    ISDN and attachment requirements for terminal
                    equipment for DCET/ISDN interworking profile
                    applications prepared by the European
                    Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). 

                    Data Source Provider: Official Journal of the
                    European Communities

                    Document Reference: OJ No L 192 of 24.7.1999, p.

                    Subject Index Codes: Telecommunications;
                    Legislation, Regulations

                    Contact Person:

                    For further information please contact: 

                    European Commission 
                    DG XIII/A.2 
                    200 rue de la Loi (BU31 1/7) 
                    B-1049 Brussels 

                    European Telecommunications Standards Institute
                    650 Route des Lucioles F-06921 Sophia-Antipolis

                    A list of organisations responsible for making
                    ETSI standards available can be found on the Web,