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mailing list: eucrypto

A new mailing list, eucrypto@fitug.de, has been established.  It's
intended for discussions of crypto politics with a focus on the
European Union.

Topics include:

- Announcements and discussions on common European issues concerning
  availability, use, legal framework and politics of cryptographic
- Announcements and discussions on common issues concerning
  communications interception and related topics, e.g.
  state-sponsored hacking of communication end points.
- Announcements and brief discussions on national issues which may
  be of interest abroad.  Extensive and in-depth discussions on such
  topics should be performed on respective national mailing lists
  such as ukcrypto@maillist.ox.ac.uk (for the UK), or krypto@thur.de
  (for Germany).
- Announcements and discussions on joint initiatives and campaigns
  concerning any of the abovementioned topics.
To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail containing the words
"subscribe eucrypto" to <majordomo@fitug.de>.