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Re: State Dept web page on international information policy issues(fwd)

Was es nicht alles gibt:

> The US Department of State's program on International Communications 
> and Information Policy has a web page here:
>    http://www.state.gov/www/issues/economic/cip/whatwedo.html
> If you check out the membership of the Advisory Committee on
> International Communications and Information Policy, here:
>    http://www.state.gov/www/issues/economic/cip/acicip_members.html
> You will find zero consumer representatives.

Actually, Deborah Hurley (Harvard) is active with the Global Internet
Liberty Campaign (http://www.gilc.org/).  I guess the questions 
should be:

What can she do to include more consumer advocates on the advisory
committee?  and

How can she and/or others keep consumer representatives informed about
policy activities?

Lawrence Hecht
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