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Nochmal Lizenzmodelle

Electronic information: purchasing, access and copyright issues for the
National Electronic Library for Health (NeLH)

A team from Learning and Information Services and LITC, South Bank
University led by John Akeroyd has won the contract to carry out a three
month scoping study of the issues relating to the purchase of electronic
information for the UK's National Electronic Library for Health, NeLH.

The project will aim to: 
* Identify core electronic content and publishers
* Define appropriate licensing models
* Evaluate national level purchasing experience in other sectors, e.g.
Higher Education
* Consider the issues raised by authentication of users, security and
* Define the technological prerequisites for users
* Identify the management, support and training issues

On the National Health Service (NHS) side the project is being led by
Veronica Fraser, NHS Library Adviser, working with Louise Jones, Jane
Mackenzie and Pam Prior of the NHS Regional Librarians Group (Purchasing
Panel). SBU are
represented by John Akeroyd, Liz Fairclough, Sally Brock and Andrew Cox.

If you have comments or an interest in the project please contact Andrew
Cox, LITC, coxam@sbu.ac.uk, phone 0171 815 7058. The project home page
is http://www.sbu.ac.uk/litc/NeLH/