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[FYI] Access to the Internet for all

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/ European Communities, 1999.  

Record Control Number: 13634  

Date: 1999-09-16  

Category: General policy  

General Information:  

The Council of Europe adopted a recommendation on 9 September that 
encourages Member States to make new communications and information 
services such as the Internet more easily available to citizens, 
especially by providing public access points.  

This is in line with a policy of 'universal community service', and 
Member States are called upon to invite public authorities and 
relevant industries to promote access whilst encouraging individual 
users to get connected.  

The recommendations include guidelines for a coherent European policy 
that would see educational and cultural institutions promoting the 
use of new information technologies. Governments are encouraged to 
develop financing strategies in partnership with the private sector. 
The ultimate aim is to prevent the division of society into 
'information-rich' and 'information poor' citizens.  

This recommendation is in line with the commitment 'to develop a 
European policy for the application of the new information 
technologies', undertaken by the Second Summit of Heads of State and 
Government in 1997, and at the Fifth European Ministerial Conference 
on 'Mass media policy' also in 1997.  

Data Source Provider: I*M Europe Newsdesk  

Document Reference: Council of Europe press release.  

Subject Index Codes: Information Processing, Information Systems