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[FYI] WIPO stellt Gesetze ins Web

[<eg> Sozusagen als kleiner Nachtrag zu den Diskussionen ueber 
kostenlose Gesetzestexte auf dem VIII. EDV-Gerichtstag in 
Saarbruecken ...                                          -AHH]


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A major collection of intellectual property laws from a wide range of 
countries was launched on the Internet by the World Intellectual 
Property Organization (WIPO) on September 15, 1999. This Collection 
of Laws for Electronic Access (CLEA) database is a unique 
international electronic archive of intellectual property 
legislation. Delivered over the Internet in English, French and 
Spanish, this powerful, new information resource may be accessed by 
researchers, legal professionals, policy-makers and administrators 
across the globe via http://clea.wipo.int/ or 

The database currently contains the full text of intellectual 
property legislation of 35 countries and the European Communities, as 
well as the full text of all treaties administered by WIPO. Each of 
the legislative texts and treaties is preceded by a detailed 
bibliographic data entry which includes details such as publication 
dates, entry into force, related texts and language availability. A 
series of indexes and hyperlinks ensure that users are able to 
identify, access and display the desired text with great ease. The 
CLEA database is a "work in progress", it will be continuously 
expanded and upgraded to provide users with a fully comprehensive 
research tool. The CLEA will complement the existing paper-based 
collection maintained by WIPO and will enhance its usefulness by 
providing ready access, via the Internet, to regularly updated 
information on the intellectual property legislation of member 

The texts contained in this electronic collection have been 
transmitted to WIPO by the intellectual property offices of the 
countries concerned. Member States of the Paris Convention for the 
Protection of Industrial Property and the Berne Convention for the 
Protection of Literary and Artistic Works are required to communicate 
all new legislative texts concerning the protection of industrial 
property and copyright to WIPO. Similarly, members of the Agreement 
on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS 
Agreement) are also required to communicate such texts to the TRIPS 

For further information, please contact Mr. Alfredo Ilardi, Head of 
the Collection of Laws Section, 

     Tel: (+41 22) 338 91 27; 
     Fax: (+41 22) 338 80 50; 
     E-mail: alfredo.ilardi@wipo.int. 

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