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This is just between us (and the spies) 

The US National Security Agency has patented a new technology for 
monitoring millions of telephone calls, so watch out, it's now even 
easier for the spooks to eavesdrop on your conversations  

By Suelette Dreyfus  

15 November 1999  

The US National Security Agency has designed and patented a new 
technology that could aid it in spying on international telephone 
calls. The NSA patent, granted on 10 August, is for a system of 
automatic topic spotting and labelling of data. The patent officially 
confirms for the first time that the NSA has been working on ways of 
automatically analysing human speech.  

The NSA's invention is intended automatically to sift through human 
speech transcripts in any language. The patent document specifically 
mentions "machine-transcribed speech" as a potential source.  

Bruce Schneier, author of Applied Cryptography, a textbook on the 
science of keeping information secret, believes the NSA currently has 
the ability to use computers to transcribe voice  conversations.  


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