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[FYI] RIAA To Sue MP3 Napster


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RIAA To Sue MP3 Napster  

By David McGuire, Newsbytes.  

November 16, 1999  

Continuing its strident crusade against music piracy, the Recording 
Industry of America (RIAA) is planning to sue MP3 "library" Napster 
Inc., for allegedly trafficking in purloined MP3 files, an RIAA 
spokesperson told Newsbytes today.  

The RIAA will sue Napster - which purports to be the "world's largest 
MP3 music library" - for "contributory copyright infringement," RIAA 
spokesperson Alexandra Walsh said.  

"We've spent days sampling the Napster community and we've found 
virtually all of the file traffic is unauthorized," she added.  

But Napster executives have a very different take on the issue.  

"Napster is a technology that allows people to meet and share music 
with other people," Napster Vice President of Business Development 
Bill Bales told Newsbytes today. "We do not support piracy."  

Bales stressed that Napster does not sell or post MP3 files but 
rather allows Internet users to share them online.  


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