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[fwd] QuickLinks newsflash - WTO millennium round - Internet chat with Commissioner Lamy 22/11 at 19.00 (from: Richard.SWETENHAM@cec.eu.int)

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Subject: QuickLinks newsflash - WTO millennium round - Internet chat with
 Commissioner Lamy 22/11 at 19.00

Launching the World Trade Organisation Millennium Round of trade

In his capacity as Commissioner responsible for Trade, Pascal Lamy
will lead the European Union's negotiating team in Seattle at the
end of November when WTO members convene for the Ministerial
Conference to mark the launch of a new Round of multilateral trade

The new Round will take place at a time when the challenges posed by
globalisation are at the forefront of national, European and world
debate. Further trade liberalisation must therefore address and
respond not only to the need for increased market access but also to
a broad range of wider issues of concern to public opinion at large.

Pascal Lamy argues that harnessing the positive effects of
globalisation in the new Round can and must be our objective. We
must ensure that free trade makes a real contribution to sustainable
development by addressing and catering for issues such as the
environment, culture, health and food security. We must aim to
integrate developing countries fully into the world economy to
ensure they derive the full benefits of liberalisation.

On 22 November 1999, all these questions will be addressed by Pascal
Lamy in an on-line debate, between 19h00 and 21h00 (CET) organised
by the European Commission.

The chat will be conducted in French, English, German and Spanish.
Yoou may ask questions in any of these languages. Questions can also
be sent in advance to the following mailbox : Chat-Lamy@cec.eu.int..
Commissioner Lamy will open the chat replying to fundamental
questions. More technical enquiries will be answered as they are

For general information, consult the Millennium Round site:

To take part in the chat you should download and install an IRC
software. We recommend MIRC (PC) /IRCLE (Mac).For further
information on configuration please follow our suggested procedure.
The address to access to the chat is: chat.europa.eu.int. We
recommend you to download and test the software in advance.


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