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Re: [fwd] QuickLinks newsflash - WTO millennium round - Internet chat with Commissioner Lamy 22/11 at 19.00 (from: Richard.SWET


on 22 Nov 99, at , Thomas Roessler <roessler@guug.de> 
wrote with the subject [fwd] QuickLinks newsflash - WTO mi:

> To take part in the chat you should download and install an IRC
> software. We recommend MIRC (PC) /IRCLE (Mac).For further
> information on configuration please follow our suggested procedure.
> The address to access to the chat is: chat.europa.eu.int. We recommend
> you to download and test the software in advance.
Na endlich mal jemand, der nicht auf primitive WWW-Chats oder 
sonstiges Geplänkel zurückgreift. Bravo!


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